what we do

We stand up for the right to menstrual health and campaign for breaking the taboo on menstruation and reproductive health. Together with partners we advocate for laws that prevent single use plastic laws and promote affordable and sustainable alternative period products. We support our partners that work on banning taxes on period products. We support partners with building menstrual health management proof toilets in schools.

Affordable and toxic free, healthy period products

All around the world girls, women and gender non-conforming people suffer from the stigma of menstruation through discrimination and the inability to afford sanitary products. The taboo on menstruation not only affects people’s opportunities to participate in society, but also has a huge impact on our health and our environment. An average standard menstrual pad contains up to 90 percent plastic. This plastic ends up in our bodies and in the waste dump, or in the sea, rivers, beaches as waste, polluting our beaches and oceans.