what we do

Affordable renewable energy solutions exist. We analyze and pilot locally constructed technical solutions such as decentralized solar, biogas and energy efficiency. Through our gender-just climate solutions programme, in which we cooperate with UN networks, we identify and promote best practices for women’s leadership in sustainable energy. Our biogas and solar solutions, combined with energy efficiency, save money, reduce air pollution and respiratory diseases.

Sustainable energy services with gender just leadership

The energy sector has a low female participation, and research has shown that this is holding us back against climate change. In rural areas of Georgia, which are not connected to the natural gas system, every household spends up to 30% of their income on firewood used for heating in winter, cooking, washing and cheese making. The firewood is to a large part not from sustainable sources. In Uganda, Congo and Cameroon, forests are illegally cut to sell as charcoal. Also in Europe, living in energy poverty particularly affects single-women households. A survey in a major European city showed that 68% of the households being disconnected from energy because of lack of payment were women-headed. We have also seen that in communities that are not connected to a centralized energy provision system, energy poverty is the norm. That is why we focus on creating gender just sustainable energy services for low-income non-connected areas, at a low cost.

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