Meet Svitlana Bohdan – entrepreneur and TEAD Women Energy Ambassador

One of the main goals of the TEAD project is to empower women working in the energy sector in Ukraine. That’s why we interviewed women from all over Ukraine and created a series of interviews with these Women Energy Ambassadors to share their experiences and successes . We also paid special attention to the barriers that women professionals face when working in a sector that is currently dominated by men but is changing fast due to the Russian aggression and attacks on their country and specifically on the energy infrastructure of Ukraine.

Svitlana worked as a design engineer at Naton LLC. During her work, she gained experience in implementing the Energy Efficiency section and drew up an energy efficiency passport. She started her professional activity as an energy auditor in 2018, after receiving a certificate in energy audit. During this time, she registered about 50 energy efficiency certificates for buildings.  She has performed energy audits of hospitals. Conducted energy audits for the Energodom programme for the Energy Efficiency Fund. She was involved not only in energy audits, but also in design. Her main responsibilities include: collecting data at the facility, conducting energy audits and presenting the energy audit report to customers.

Svitlana became interested in energy audits while working as a designer.  An important factor for her development in this area was the implementation of a building thermal modernisation project. After the project, the external and internal condition of the building improved, the conditions in the building improved significantly, and the most pleasant thing was the gratitude from the building’s residents. She also became interested in developing her skills in energy auditing after taking the Energy Audit of Buildings course from the Association of Energy Auditors. After completing the course, she was finally convinced that she wanted to develop in this area.

Svitlana is improving her professional skills, upgrading her qualifications and taking training courses and workshops:

  • Training “Energy Audit of Buildings”, Association of Energy Auditors.
  • Training “Energy audit of hospitals”, GIZ.
  • Training “Energy audit of industrial enterprises”, GIZ.
  • Courses “Project Support” from the Energy Efficiency Fund.
  • Advanced training courses and obtaining a qualification certificate on the right to conduct activities on the inspection of building engineering systems, National University of Water and Environmental Engineering.

According to Svitlana, the profession of energy auditor is available to both women and men. There is no need to be afraid to enter this field. If you are interested in developing in this area, you should do it despite the obstacles. Work in the direction that interests you and then you can overcome all obstacles.

Her advice for women who want to become energy auditors: “Study, become an energy auditor, regardless of age and gender, and constantly improve yourself.”