what we do

Every day we are exposed to chemicals that harm our health. Even in small doses, these chemicals can accumulate and disrupt our hormone system and cause lasting damage and disease. Currently there is too little done to protect our health and the environment from harmful chemicals and waste. In our documentary “Gender & Chemicals” we identify the different gender-roles and health impacts on women. We advocate for legislation that obliges polluters to replace plastics, pesticides and other harmful chemicals with safe alternatives.

A toxic free & gender just future

Plastics, pesticides and thousands of chemicals used in toys, food packaging, clothing and other day-to-day products are a danger for our health and that of the planet. As humans we already ‘eat’ plastics as micro-plastics are now found in the food chain. Many chemicals found in plastics and pesticides disrupt our hormone systems, and cause irreversible damage such as cancer and infertility. When discarded, chemicals in waste are an even bigger threat. Waste dumping of industrial chemicals, pesticides, plastics and electronics are polluting food, air and water of millions of people. Women and men who live near waste dumps are often from low-income groups. Chemical and waste pollution is an issue of discrimination. Everybody should have the human right to a healthy environment. We provide information and training how to identify and avoid harmful chemicals. We work in coalitions with other civil society organizations and with UN Environment. As for the climate, we need a major transformation of our economies to move out of oil-based chemicals to locally sourced sustainable alternatives. We show how these local circular economies can go hand in hand with women’s jobs, leadership and a strengthening of women’s rights.

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