Bringing the local to the global

We have joined forces with some brilliant feminist and environmental activists to advocate for better, long-lasting and sustainable policies. Since, as you are well aware of, critical mass matters when it comes to decision-making. These networks take a human rights approach to sustainable development and provide spaces for knowledge sharing and capacity-building. We prioritise bringing our local partners to these spaces, as we believe that policies must reflect the lives of people on the ground to be effective.



A coalition led by us and 4 of our global partners. Building on local experiences, we are putting gender at the heart of Agenda 2030.

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Women's Major Group

We are the organising partner for the UNECE region of this global feminist network, with official UN observer status, following Agenda 2030.

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Women & Gender Constituency

A UNFCCC stakeholder group. Together we are working to ensure women’s experiences and rights are embedded in all climate change processes.

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Europe Environmental Bureau

European Environmental Bureau

Europe’s largest network of environmental NGOs, bringing together around 150 civil society organisations from more than 30 European countries.

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Health and Environment Alliance

With a vision of a healthy planet for people in Europe and beyond. Advocacy work aims to show how environmental action can bring down rates of asthma, obesity, diabetes, cancer and infertility.

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Pesticide Action Network Europe

Working from a local, national and regional base to place pesticide concerns in the broad political and economic context. Encouraging pro-poor, democratic and transparent development strategies benefitting communities.

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Is an European confederation of Relief and Development NGOs and the main interlocutor with the EU institutions on development policy. They aim to strengthen the impact of European development NGOs and aims for a fair, just and sustainable world.

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We have been a key actor in the formation of the Women’s Major Group and Women & Gender Constituency.