Aim & vision

We are a nonprofit network dedicated to a gender just and healthy planet for all. Our international network consists of over 250 women’s and civil society organisations in 70 countries. We believe that a sustainable future and environment needs holistic solutions reflecting the lives of people on the ground. We believe in feminist solutions based on our partners’ visions and needs. That is why we work on transformative gender equality and women’s human rights in interconnection with climate justice, sustainable energy & chemicals, less toxic waste, safe water & sanitation for all.

Our story

We were officially registered as a foundation in 1994 in the Netherlands as Women in Europe for a Common Future. During the “Earth Summit” in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1992 women from the European region came together to create the network WECF because they recognized the catalysing role women play in sustainable development as defined in the United Nation’s report “Our Common Future.”

Our philosophy has always been to ensure that the voices of women and marginalized groups are heard at the policy table and to combine this with local actions in which they realize their priorities. This dual action-advocacy approach proved to be very successful and has become one of the strongest distinguishing aspects of our network.

Today we work with over 250 partner organisations in our network covering 70 countries. Since 2016, to reflect our global scope, we are called Women Engage for a Common Future.




We train, provide expertise, and offer grants to women and gender equality organisations. Thus supporting them in their work for climate justice, an environmentally sustainable future and gender justice.

Photo credit: Annabelle Avril | WECF


We advocate to policymakers, from the local to the global-level, to include gender equality and women’s perspectives in policies and implementation plans. We do this by supporting our partners’ participation in decision-making processes, by leading regional and international gender equality movements, and by monitoring policies.

Photo credit: Annabelle Avril | WECF


We campaign to increase awareness on the importance of gender-just climate and environmental solutions. With our partners we host social media campaigns, e.g. #FeministDemand, and send open letters to decision-makers. We also give small grants to partners and organise public debates, street actions and award-celebrations.

Code of conduct

We are seeking to attain the highest possible levels of integrity, financial management and accountability. Any person who witnesses a violation of our Code of Conduct is invited to report this violation, and any person to whom the Code of Conduct applies, who witnesses a violation of it, is required to report the violation at the earliest possible moment. Please find all notification procedures and integrity policies here


As an ecofeminist organisation, we work on the following issues as a web of rights, holistically and not in silos, while putting diversity and gender equality at the focus (hover over photo for more information).