Feminist Action for

Sustainable development

We work towards the full realisation of human rights, development justice and the right to a healthy environment for all, regardless of gender, age, race, sexual orientation, education, religion, ability or social economic status.

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Feminist Action for

Climate solutions

We mobilize for gender just implementation of the Paris Agreement. We want a sustainable future in which polluters and governments are held accountable and where human rights, health and the environment have priority over trade agreement and other economic interests.

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Feminist Action for

Toxic free healthy environment

We promote toxic-free and non-chemical alternatives based on the principles formulated at the Earth Summit in Rio 1992: the polluter pays, reversal of the burden of proof, the precautionary principle and principle 10 to ensure public participation, transparency and access justice.

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Global role & processes

We advocate to policymakers, from the local to the global-level, to include gender equality and women’s perspectives in policies and implementation plans. We do this by supporting our partners’ participation in decision-making processes, by leading regional and international gender equality movements, and by monitoring policies.


From ecosan toilets to water safety & sanitation planning, advocacy training on climate justice and sustainable development, solar water heaters and energy cooperatives, gender assessments and shadow reporting. Our programmes are designed to create an enabling environment for bottom-up, community-owned solutions with big gender just impacts!

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