Civil Society Local Energy Efficiency Network (CLEEN)

This programme, led by us and 3 other local co-organisations, implements energy-efficient policies into local communities in 4 eastern European countries (Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and Armenia). It is done by working with more than 30 civil society organizations, relying on and prompting the participation of civil society members. As such, it promotes the development of a regional partnerships between those organizations, and offers training on energy efficiency, energy-saving possibilities, renewable energies and political work such as public participation. Through such successful partnership, the CLEEN network ensures that local requirements are not overlooked and that a good organization and content cooperation is in effect. Finally, the training offers civil society organizations the tools they need to initiate and implement their own projects. For the past several years, the CLEEN Project has been very active and has had numerous successes and key achievements.

Key achievements

  • 60-90 trained CSO staff in the four countries have enhanced skills in three areas and can contribute to public policy analysis, participate in developing local strategies and train others;
  • 30-45 CSOs using their newly acquired skills to promote reform and increased public accountability in fifteen local authorities, whose improved energy efficiency skills benefit 10,000-50,000 local citizens;
  • One sectoral regional partnership of CSOs sharing common values and challenges is facilitated, providing networking support for 30-45 CSOs to replicate local energy practices and strengthened advocacy impact.


Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine


Akhatsikhe (Georgia), Ecoclub (Ukraine), Gutta-Club (Moldova)