what we do

Increasingly women human rights and environmental defenders are under threat. Hundreds have been killed. Many have had to close their organisations. At the root cause is often the exploitation of natural resources that fuel our throw-away economies. We bring the voices of the frontline defenders to global policy makers. We support them in documenting the threads and in protecting their natural environment. We advocate for accountability and transparency to hold perpetrators accountable.

Feminist solidarity to change the root causes of exploitation

In many cases, women's human rights and environmental defenders are standing up to defend their homes, lands and forests from exploitation by commercial corporations. Especially indigenous peoples are at the forefront of this conflict. Indigenous Peoples protect 80% of the world’s biodiversity on their territories, but at the same time, extractive industries are vying for these lands to mine fossil fuels, uranium and forests. We promote feminist solidarity. Feminism is not only about more women in power, but in standing up for our sisters which have least access to decision making, and in changing the underlying root causes of exploitation. We work in partnership with other women and feminist organisations at national and global level. We co-facilitate the spaces for women and feminist in the United Nations policy processes: the Women’s Women Group. Together with almost one thousand partners from these global alliances, we present our policy priorities. We have become a power which can no longer be ignored.

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