What we do

The European Union has some of the most advanced legislation on environmental protection, climate action, gender equality and public participation. Still, much more is needed. Europe’s ecological footprint is far too great. Europe’s climate emissions are causing small island states to sink under the ocean. Europe’s plastic waste has largely been ending op in developing countries and in the ocean. As consumers and producers, Europeans need to take responsibility. And start living within the planetary boundaries. Not as if we had four more planets. All European Union member states need to make a great effort to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on climate. This transition can be beneficial for all. If we make an effort to include those who have difficulties to make ends meet.

Focus areas

We are showing the way for a just ecological transition. We are part of a coalition of 28 civil society organisations that are jointly raising awareness raising on the Sustainable Development Goals. The ‘Make Europe Sustainable for All’ (MESA) coalition works in 15 EU countries. All our offices in France, Germany and the Netherlands participate. We organise dialogue meetings with policy makers. We monitor the progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. We organise awareness raising campaigns and publish info-graphs. We work in wider coalitions with over 150 civil society organisations as part of SDG-Watch Europe. We organise a call for grants for grassroots organisations to carry out local campaign and advocacy activities. We bring women’s organisations into the wider movement.


Germany, Netherlands, France