Publication of peer reviewed article on our research on dairy farms in Dutch province of Gelderland

Margriet Mantingh and Jelmer Buijs are happy that they managed to have a peer reviewed article published, extracted from the research they carried out with WECF on dairy farms in Gelderland.

The article was published in Elsevier Science of the total environment: Presence of pesticides and biocides at Dutch cattle farms participating in bird protection programs and potential impacts on entomofauna

In spite of meadow bird protection programs, a severe decline of meadow birds is taking place in the Netherlands. It is hypothesized that pesticides and other agrochemicals may contribute to this decline through a negative impact on the entomofauna; a very important food source of meadow birds and especially of their chicks. The present study analysed the presence of 664 pesticides (including biocides and some metabolites) in soil, concentrated feed, manure and some fodder samples from 23 cattle farms in the province of Gelderland (the Netherlands).

An article about pesticides in grazed nature reserves in Gelderland will be the next up for review.

The publication on the research can be found here (Dutch only).