Partner Photo Auction: Celebrating + strengthening women-powered sustainable solutions

This international Women’s Day, we celebrated and strengthened women-powered sustainable solutions with a true photo auction in our new office in Utrecht. We asked partners to share with us a powerful image which they felt represents their work, for example from a project they implemented with the support of WECF.  

The photo auction was hosted by Rob Driessen, an art historian, certified and registered appraiser and broker, known from a famous Dutch television programme called “Tussen Kunst and Kitsch”. With a great deal of passion, he guided us through the stories attached to each of the pictures, shared information about the impact of the organisations’ work and highlighted how the second-hand frame that each picture was given matched the image and might even be a secret vintage catch. 

Photo: Rob Driessen, describing the image provided by our partner ARUWE in Uganda, featuring a young woman installing a solar panel on a roof.

With this auction we supported a selection of partners, including partners working in crisis situations such as our partner Black Sea Women’s Club in Ukraine. The have been providing cultural exchanges for Ukrainian Children to Georgia, to help them cope with, and get some joyful relief from, the ongoing Russian war. Furthermore the event celebrated several success stories of women-led sustainable initiatives supported by the Ecofeminist Movement Building Fund, like partners strengthening the capacities of rural women in Uganda and Tunisia. 

Photo: Our new office in Utrecht was the stage for the photo auction. 

We were truly touched by the number of people that joined us for this celebration, including many Dutch partners organizations and longstanding and new friends of WECF. In particular, we were honored by the presence of the family of our recently departed board member Irene Dankelman. During the event, our Executive Director Sascha Gabizon and Founder Marie Kranendonk reflected on her incredible contribution to building WECF and the ecofeminist movement at large. This also provided us with the opportunity to spotlight the Irene Dankelman Ecofeministische Aanmoedigingsprijs, which is an incentive prize of €1000 created in her honor, that serves as support to scale-up or develop an ecofeminist initiative in the Netherlands.  

As WECF, we have decided to double the amount that was raised for the images, resulting in a nice total amount of 2650 euros going in full to our partners. 

Have a look at the pictures shared by our partners and consider supporting WECF in building the ecofeminist movement by donating today!