Onsite wastewater treatment: hands-on-workshop in An Oston, Kyrgyzstan

Technicians working on the wastewater management system

The villagers of An Oston, a village in the south of Issyk Kul, have only been endowed with reliable and safe water supply since February 2016. Now the next step in the water management process has been made. As a result of having running water in their households, the increase of wastewater needed to be dealt with. An onsite solution was found to be most suitable for the village as a collective sewerage system would be unaffordable. This onsite solution took shape as a septic tank with two chambers made of concrete for basic treatment followed by a biological treatment in a gravel filter. The villagers themselves can implement this septic tank with their own resources.

In April 2017, we organized a 7 days workshop with KAWS for onsite wastewater treatment in An Oston, conducted by the German expert Stefan Deegener. During the hands-on-workshop, the first septic tank was constructed for a household and a group of technicians was trained on the job. The technicians will form a mobile group which supports other households in the village to construct their wastewater system in a professional way.

For more information about the wastewater system, please see the flyers here:

The workshop is part of the An-Oston project with support of the water agency Artois-Picardie and the municipality St Omer, France.