What we do

The solutions to a sustainable climate resilience and inclusive world already exist on the ground. To make them visible, we organise a high level award celebration during the annual global climate negotiations, where the three best projects (out of a 150) each receive a prize of €5000 euros. Through this annual award event, we identify the most outstanding grassroots climate actions that center women’s leadership and gender-equality. Jointly with civil society and UN climate technology networks, we provide mentoring and support to bring these good practices to scale. We document, monitor and publish our gender and climate analysis. We work in coalitions as part of the Women and Climate Constituency and jointly advocate for social-inclusive and gender-just climate policies.

Focus areas

Currently, the majority of climate funding is flowing towards emissions reductions of large-scale energy, industrial and transportation projects. Much less support is available to those who are already paying a high price for the climate crisis and need funds to rebuild, replant, and survive. Rural communities barely access climate funds, due to high minimal thresholds. In rural areas people have to pay not only for the transition to low-carbon services but also for the capital costs of infrastructure and grids. Indigenous and traditional technologies that already contribute to climate resilience are often excluded from the application criteria of bigger funds. Although gender criteria are becoming more formally applied, truly transformative climate action implemented in a gender-responsive manner is rare.

High level award celebration

We organise a high level award celebration during the annual climate negotiations, where the three best projects will receive a monetary prize. We also facilitate meetings between the award winners and experts from climate finance and technology assessment agencies. We formulate recommendations from the winning projects, and apply these to proposals for gender action plans on climate.

Our mentoring programme

Throughout the year we support the awardees via tailored webinars, train-of-trainers and online meetings. We help them apply for funds and invite them during the COP to participate in a two-day advocacy and climate negotiations workshop.

The new 2022 winners will be announced during COP27 on the 14th of November at 17:00 in the Climate Action Hub.

  1. Three top ‘Award Winners’ will be identified, one per project type. These three winners will each receive a Monetary prize of 5000 Euros; travel for one representative to attend the Awards Ceremony held at COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt this November 2022 (depending on COVID-19); and 1-year of mentoring support. See this video on the mentoring programme for more information.
  2. The ‘Award Winners’ are invited to a capacity building workshop during COP27 with the previous award winners of the Gender Just Climate Solutions 2015-2021. The workshop is organized together with Climate Technology Centre & Network (CTCN) and it includes training to up-scale their solutions, share their experience and expertise with each other, as well as to network. 
  3. Up to 30 additional ‘Honorees’ will be featured in a full color-publication which will be showcased in a high-level international awards ceremony at COP27, as well as be highlighted on the WGC website.

Read the new 2022 Gender Just Climate Solutions Publication

Meet the previous winners

2022 winners – learn more

  • YOKOUMI, Togo: Women revolutionizing the sheabutter sector
  • SINDH COMMUNITY FOUNDATION, Pakistan: Advancing the labour rights of women cotton pickers in Pakistan
  • Keystone Foundation, India: Women Barefoot Ecologists bridge ancestral knowledge with modern science to protect their ecosystems

2021 winners – learn more

  • IMECE, Turkey: Solar Age: empowering refugee women through solar engineering (technical solutions)
  • TODOS JUNTOS, Guatamala: Mealflour: empowering indigenous women in Guatemala for climate resilient food sovereignty (non-technical solutions)
  • FUNDACION PLURALES, Argentina: Strengthening women environmental defenders through a digital and advocacy network (transformational solutions)
  • All India Women’s Conference CalcuttaWomen-led mangrove reforestation in Sunderbans, India (mention of honour, non-technical solutions) 

2019 winners – learn more

  • CAMGEW, Cameroon (transformational solutions)
  • ENDA Colombia, Colombia (non-technical solutions)
  • UNIVERS-SEL, Guinee-Bissau (technical solutions)
  • Mention of honour: FUNDAECO, Guatemala (transformational solutions)

2018 winners – learn more

2017 winners – learn more

2016 winners

2015 winners