Gender just climate solutions (5th edition)

We are proud to show that relevant gender just climate solutions are already happening around the world. They aim for transformative, inclusive development models and help to rethink growth. With real commitments from governments, e.g. in terms of finance and technology, we can upscale these inclusive solutions to have a significant impact, not only locally but also on the global level.

“The Award and its mentorship inspired a new business model for accessing our water collecting technology. We have now applied a new pricing policy, taking into account customers’ financial capacity to pay. This new policy enables smallholder farmers to overcome financial barriers and upscale the dissemination of the technology.” says Trupti Jain, last year’s technical solutions winner, on how she has used the prize and the accompanying mentorship workshop to further their programme. The Gender Just Climate Solutions Award comprises three categories:

  • Technical climate solutions
  • Non-Technical climate solutions
  • Transformational climate solutions


CTCN, BMUB, GIZ,  AFD (Agence Francaise de Developpment), Fondation Raja, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEAE), EuropeAid, Women2030.