EP Elections 2024 -WECF’s EU Ecofeminist Scorecard Webinar nr 4: Polluters Pay & Fair Trade!

With only one week left until the EU Elections of 2024, it’s crucial to get young people involved once again, especially with the rise of right-wing and populist parties. Young people made a significant difference in voter turnout in 2019, and their involvement is now more crucial than ever.

To understand the EU Elections better, we wrote an EU Elections Toolkit, available in English, Dutch, Portuguese, German and soon in French and Spanish! To clarify the topics and structure of the parties in the EU elections, WECF created an Ecofeminist Scorecard, which can help you get a clear idea of the important topics and who is involved in what. On our EU Ecofeminist Scorecard overview page you can find plenty of information on the scorecards from different countries and on the EU and national party manifestoes.

Throughout the month of May we have been discussing key themes central to the Scorecard.  Thursday May 30 we discussed Polluters Pay & Fair Trade:

•  Javier Gacio Aromir from Oxfam Intermon guides us on how to navigate through Palumba, the Tinder of voting applications. Don’t know how to vote during these elections, then this app may be thé tool for you!

• PFAS contamination is one of the biggest health and environment threats in Europe today. Together with over 100 other civil society organisations, HEAL is calling on the EU Commission and governments to #BanPFAS. Sandra JEN, programme Lead, Health & Chemicals at the Health & Environment Alliance (HEAL), presents HEAL’s contribution to this campaign and how you can help making a difference and make Polluters Pay!

• And finally, Pablo Sallabera tells us more about CAN Europe’s Mobilisation Platform that is coordinating climate marches, covering more than 65 cities, happening this weekend in 12 EU countries from May 31st – June 2nd!  You can find an overview of all marches here:  🔥 31/5 – 2/6 Mobilisations Map 📢 – Google My Maps


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