WECF’s new EU Elections Toolkit for Youth

The 2024 elections for the European Union (EU), which are the largest transnational
elections worldwide, are coming up. This is the moment for you to have your voice heard.
A lot is at stake: the climate and ecological crises present the biggest challenge we face.
The future of the EU Green Deal is on the table and Russia continues its attacks on Ukraine.
Similarly, far-right populist parties are on the rise, who are making use of anti-gender
framing, spreading hate against LGBTQIA+ people while at the same time denying the
very existence of the climate crisis. All this makes the upcoming EU elections extremely
important: we need a unified and progressive European bloc, where we can rely on each
other: we need a strong and feminist answer to these far-right developments and rhetoric!
This year, in June, you will have the opportunity to make a choice that will influence
Europe’s course for the next five years. That’s why it’s important that more people,
especially young people, go out and vote.

If you are wondering how the European Union works, or want to get involved but don’t know
where to start, this toolkit is written for you. It is our guide on understanding the European
Union and getting ready to actively participate in the upcoming elections. It’s also a guide
to help you understand why ecofeminist activism is important for these EU elections. The
elections are crucial for working towards the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable
Development, and to the EU’s climate goals, as those elected will influence the political
agenda until 2029. Now is a crucial time for young people to come together and take part
in the upcoming elections.