Young feminists – look here!

Are you from Central Asia, Caucasus, Europe or North America? Are you under 35 years old? Are you a mobiliser, activist or work on advocacy?

Then we are looking for you! On behalf of the Women’s Major Group, we will be hosting a massive regional feminist civil society forum on Beijing Platform for Action (you know, the milestone women’s rights document). The forum is followed by an intergovernmental meeting with UNECE’s member states. The output of our regional forum will be used at the yearly conference on the status of women (CSW64) where decision-makers will negotiate on a text on where we are now in terms of implementing the Beijing Platform for Action.

Why should you apply to attend? Well the time is now, this is a great opportunity for you to engage in our regional advocacy work, to bring your experiences from the ground or from the local work you do. You can engage in working groups and add your advocacy points into a wide range of topics (such as climate justice, migration, neoconservatism, SRHR etc. etc.). Did we mention that there is some funding available to attend as well!


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Photo credit: IISD I ENB – Kiara Worth (heading photo), Annabelle Avril (tweet photo)