Women’s exposure to toxic chemicals

In her new book “Medio Ambiente y Salud” (Environment and Health) Dr. Carme Valls-Llobet, a member of our organization, warns us about women’s high vulnerability to toxic chemicals absorption due to theirs bodies’ differences. Dr. Valls-Llobet explains that medical science has always studied the human’s health as if the diseases’ evolution and the toxics’ effects were the same in men and women. Is not that women are weaker, but they are more vulnerable, so they need to be studied separately.

Nowadays, water, air, and food items are contaminated, which puts women in great danger: the great amount of detergents and cleaning products women are exposed to at home it is easily accumulated by the higher levels of fatty tissue their bodies have in order to be able to produce and feed a new life.

There’s got to be a difference between the persistence of this products between the two genders, says Dr. Valls-Lobet, since women are more exposed and more able to absorb chemicals that might cause some of the emerging diseases of the 21st century, such as obesity, diabetes and abnormalities of thyroid function.

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