Women 2030 regional workshop in Eastern Europe

Women2030 organised a regional workshop for Eastern Europe in the regional district office in Timisoara, Romania on Wednesday December 14 and Thursday December 15, 2016. Participants from Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia Herzegovian, Moldova and Serbia were introduced to gender-responsive implementation of the SDGs

Women2030 project aims to build capacity of women’s civil society organisations to advance local and regional equitable, inclusive and environmental sustainable development (including 2030-Agenda and climate change processes) through participation in policy development and monitoring, mobilizing citizen’s support and demonstrating best practices. The Women2030 project is funded by the department of Development Cooperation of the European Commission and coordinated by us in partnership with WEP, APWLD, GWA and GFC.

In contrast to the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), the SDGs are very relevant international goals for the European Region. Through this workshop we will provide an introduction to the Women2030 project and the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development. A core component of the workshop will be gender-responsive implementation of the SDGs, including tools and existing practices. Participants of the Workshop were environmental and women NGOs coming from FYR Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Moldova and Serbia.