Welcoming Women’s Major Group’s new organising partners for the European & Central Asian region

After all votes were casted, we had a tie, with equal votes between Valentina and Almudena. Congratulations to both of them! They have decided to share the WMG UNECE OP role with its responsibilities, without an alternate.

Valentina Bodrug-Lungu –  from the Republic of Moldova, is the President of GENDER-CENTER, a non-governmental organisation working for gender equality promotion in society trough information, education and communication.

Almudena Rodriguez – from Catalonia & Spain, is the International Advocacy Coordinator at L’ Associació de Drets Sexuals I Reproductius, a non-governmental organisation working on SRHR. Focusing on promoting and facilitating the awareness, prevention and education of society in the field of sexual and reproductive health.

Thank you

To all the candidates and to members who voted in the elections! We at WECF in particular would like to thank all the WMG ECE members for your meaningful collaboration throughout our OP mandate. We promise, we will not disappear but we will continue being an active member of the WMG as well as support the new OPs throughout their transition period.