We welcome Christy Aikhorin as the new WECF Netherlands Director

We are extremely proud to introduce Christy Aikhorin as our new WECF Netherlands Director. Christy brings important new perspectives and technical and strategic expertise. Born in Kano Nigeria, and having lived and studied first in South Africa and then at Twente University, to Christy, the Netherlands has been her home for well over a decade.

Christy is a chemical engineer with over 15 years of project management experience. She has developed and directed programmes for a broad range of sectors (civil engineering, energy) and with consortia from numerous countries.

After discovering her passion for sustainability, she became convinced it was the only way forward for humanity. She has championed green jobs and sustainable energy transition, and worked on sustainable development inhouse policies.  She created and leads a social -environmental initiative UnikBlends,, promoting “slow clothing” as an alternative to fast fashion. She is engaged in a number of non-profit organizations in the Netherlands that promote women’s rights, social inclusion and education for sustainable development.

Christy brings new technical expertise and strategic vision to WECF, to help shape ideas and sharpen plans that contribute in building a just, healthy and sustainable world for all.

Christy looks forward to her new position: “As Director WECF Netherlands, a role I embrace wholeheartedly, I see an incredible opportunity to steer. I want to serve as a bridge that links thoughts, imagination and creativity to courageously blend advanced sustainable technologies with non-conventional wisdom of indigenous sustainability practices, which are better safeguarded by women and minority groups. My vision is that we forge paths for inclusive conversation, interdisciplinary collaboration and collective sustainable impact.”

“Christy is an amazing addition to the WECF team”, says Sascha Gabizon, Executive Director WECF international. “Christy is the Director Netherlands with the technical expertise and understanding of our partners in Africa and in the Netherlands that allows us to jointly develop strategies for a gender-just and environmentally safe world, with women taking leadership in the energy transition and for a toxic-free environment.”

“On behalf of the Board of Trustees of WECF, I would like to express a warm welcome to our new director WECF Netherlands Christy Aikhorin”, states Irene Dankelman (Vice-President). “Christy combines expertise with passion, and has a strong interest in sustainability, women’s rights and global justice. She intends to fully support our staff and partners, and to strengthen the network and initiatives of WECF worldwide.”