WECF Joins Forces with REN21 for Global Renewable Energy Impact!

We’re delighted to announce that WECF e.V. has joined the REN21 network as a member of the NGO stakeholder group, one of the five core stakeholder groups within REN21.  

REN21 is the leading global renewable energy community, bringing together stakeholders from science, government, NGOs and industry. It provides timely, peer-reviewed data and analysis on global advances in technology, policy and markets. REN21’s mission is clear: to empower decision-makers to accelerate the transition to renewable energy. Equipped with knowledge, tools and a culture of dialogue, this community is strategically leading the essential changes needed to bring renewables to scale. 

As a catalyst for the deployment of renewable energy, REN21 fosters an inclusive environment for multi-stakeholder collaboration. This new partnership within the coalition of change agents will significantly advance our shared mission of advocating for a swift transition to renewable energy and energy efficiency, ensuring that no one is left behind. We firmly believe in fostering renewable energy access for all through a socially and gender-just transition, drawing on our expertise to translate these ideals into actionable strategies and expanded dialogue. 

Together with fellow REN21 members, WECF will contribute to defining the implementation steps towards achieving 100% renewable energy, emphasizing inclusivity and coordination. Collaboratively developing a unified strategy and comprehensive gender approach within the REN21 community is crucial for realizing a just transition. 

The breadth and depth of WECF’s membership will bring valuable insights from the diverse and evolving perspectives not only on the transition to renewables but also on how this interacts with a socially and gender-just, people centred energy transformation.” REN21 Secretariat and Bureau. 

We thank the REN21 Secretariat and Bureau for their welcome and look forward to a fruitful collaboration ahead with all REN21 members and the wider network.