WECF condemns killing of Colombian protesters

WECF International strongly condemns the killing of more than a dozen protesters in Colombia, in a violent episode of state repression.  

We stand in solidarity with the Colombian people, who are exercising their democratic right to peacefully protest against proposed tax hike and other social issues facing the country such as their divisive government, the ongoing attacks on human rightsassassination of social and environmental leaders, lack of proper social security during COVID-19, and police brutality, particularly against the youth. 

The news and images coming out of Colombian towns and cities are deeply shocking and hurtful; and we demand an end to this state-sanctioned violence right away. We also call on the international community to put pressure on the Colombian government to stop using force against its citizens and killing them; and instead address their concerns as governments are supposed to 

We hope sense will prevail soon and that no more innocent lives will be lost.  

Photo by: Sebastian Correa (used with permission)