WECF International’s Annual Activity Report 2019

2019 marked WECF’s 25-year anniversary. We have come a long way since 1994, evolving from a group of dedicated female environmentalists to a professional civil society organisation, known for our expertise on gender equality and sustainable development and on local to global policy advocacy.

The current times clearly and painfully demonstrate the interlinkages. With the combined crises of armed conflicts, COVID-19, the climate, and environmental crisis, we need to stand together now more then ever for women’s rights. Because, women in all their diversity, are at the frontlines fighting these multiple crises; women are the majority of health sector workers, they are the majority of those who feed their families whilst 800 million people are sliding into extreme poverty and hunger, and they are increasingly targets of violence, as environmental and women’s rights defenders.

Now, 25 years later, there is finally a broad public understanding that if we want to have a chance at saving the planet it can only be done with women co-piloting our global ship. We are pleased to share with you the WECF International Activity Report for 2019, presenting our collective achievements from last year. We hope this year’s report will inspire you to join forces with us in changing the future.