PRESS RELEASE: We strongly condemn the adoption of the Georgian “Law on Transparency of Foreign Influence”

15 May 2024, Utrecht

WECF International stands in solidarity with the protesters in Georgia – including our brave colleagues and partner organisations.

Yesterday, the Georgian Government adopted the “Law on Transparency of Foreign Influence,” a disturbing parallel to the Russian Law on Foreign Agents. We are profoundly alarmed by this development.

“We have seen firsthand the devastating impact of such laws, having witnessed the severe crackdown on Russian civil society. We have provided refuge and support to our ecofeminist partners from Russia, who fled to Georgia after facing life-threatening dangers in their homeland.” Says Anna Samwel, Director of WECF Georgia

“We are extremely concerned about the future of the Georgian people who cherish freedom, our vibrant civil society partners, and our branch office as this draconian law comes into effect.” Says Sascha Gabizon, Executive Director of WECF International.

The law mandates civil society organizations and “free media organisations” to register as “organisations pursuing the interests of a foreign power,” exposing them to severe repression. The government has already begun a campaign of intimidation, assaulting activists and deploying violence against peaceful protesters. This law poses a significant threat to European integration and democracy in Georgia.

Ana Muradashvili from WECF Georgia is participating in the ongoing demonstrations, and shares “This is not a fight of civil organisations. This is Georgia’s fight for the protection of European values and human rights. We stand at the demonstrations to protect rights of all, including women, queer people, ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, migrants, youth, elderly. A fight for all and with all.”

WECF International stays committed to supporting the Georgian people on their path to a sustainable, equitable, just and democratic future.  

photo of a demonstration with who people in the foreground holding up demonstration signs
Demonstration against the Georgian “Law on Transparency of Foreign Influence”. On one of the signs it says “We are the Sisters of those women who fought here on April 9.1.1989” (Photo credit: Vakho Kareli, April Media)


Demonstration photo
Demonstrations in Georgia, May 2024. (Photo credit: Radio Liberty)