Waste water treatment in An Oston

First step of the workshop was a practical training on the construction of a septic tank. The construction of the third septic tank in the village allowed Stefan Deegener to assess what the mobile group of workers has learned from the previous workshop in April 2017. The construction went successfully, initiated before the workshop and finalized under the supervision of the engineer. The household chosen for the construction is a family of 7 people who already installed a shower and a flush toilet, which they will be able to use after the septic tank is constructed.

Then, the theoretical part of the workshop was held on ECOSAN and faecal sludge management. The presentation of Tobias Ulbrich, from BORDA, aimed at introducing the different solutions of faecal sludge management at each step of the process (collection, transport, treatment) and helping the decision makers to choose the most adequate one to the local requirements.

The presentation on ECOSAN and wastewater management was followed by a sharing of experience from KAWS and local households which already installed ECOSAN toilets.