Training and presentation on EcoSan

Tuesday, 07.03.2017 at the Eco Forum Zenica’s office, a training and presentation of the project “EcoSan: Reducing chemicals and pollution of drinking water sources in rural communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Macedonia” took place.

The training was attended by Eco Forum activists, project partners from Germany and Albania, representatives of the Institute for Health and Food Safety of Zenica-Doboj Canton, Cantonal Ministry of Spatial Planning, Transport, Communications and Environmental Protection, the Department for Inspection Affairs of the City of Zenica, and elementary school “Hasan Kikić” in Tetovo.

Protecting drinking water sources

Eco Forum Zenica, in partnership with us, Journalists for Human Rights (Macedonia), Women in Development (Albania) and UNEP, work together on the construction and installation of EcoSan toilets, filters for waste water and composting help, in order to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and protect drinking water sources. This is especially important in rural areas of South East Europe where problems exist with drinking water supplies and wastewater treatment. The project aims to reduce the problem of pollution of drinking water, caused by the widespread use of septic tanks in rural areas and poor management of water resources, due to the intensive use of chemical fertilizers and the unsafe disposal of waste.

More info for local partners about the project, brochures and guidelines for construction and use of dry toilets and filters for “gray” water can be found in on the Ekoforum Zenica website:

An interview on national Bosnian TV can be found here.