Towards a Gender-Transformative Organisation: Toolkit for an assessment of organisational gender policies and practices

Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) have a crucial role to play in the work towards reaching gender equality and justice, which are fundamental to achieving sustainable development, climate resilience and biodiversity conservation. By addressing and challenging root causes of gender inequalities, we collectively take action to build more inclusive, sustainable, and fair societies. By adopting a gender-transformative approach, i.e. an approach which seeks to tackle structural and historical barriers to gender equality, CSOs are better able to understand, and address, these barriers to strengthen their work and objectives, and to seek gender justice.

This toolkit was developed to support organisations, step-by-step, in their journey towards gender transformation. It contains a participatory gender self-assessment in 3 stages designed to assess the organisational commitments and practices, and to which extent they integrate a gender-transformative approach. It supports the process of self-reflection about how gender-transformative approaches are realised and practised within the organisation’s own structures and networks. It provides guidelines to take affirmative action through an Organisational Gender Action Plan (OGAP) which can be implemented and measured over time.

You can find links to easy to use templates to download for Annex 3 and 4 on this page: click here.