The seeds we plant grow roots – A booklet of impact stories from the Women 2030 Program

We present you a collection of creative pieces which emerged as the final outcomes of a participatory storytelling exercise to evaluate the Women2030 program. The purpose of this evaluation was to assess the impact of the Women2030 program and, in the same breath, celebrate all the partners, organizations and communities that took part in it over five years. The Women2030 program brought together a beautifully diverse network of women’s rights groups and feminist organizations connected across the world and willing to support each other to engage in the transformation of their communities.

Coordinated by a coalition of women-led and feminist networks, the program reached out to more than 1,300 women’s rights and feminist partner organizations in 242 countries, building their capacities through training and sub-granting, and engaging them in Agenda2030 and climate -related policy processes.

These partners engaged their own partners and communities, from the grassroots to national and international policy spaces. In doing so, they imbued their projects with their unique dreams and ideas of feminism, women’s empowerment, transformative change and sustainable development. They also identified and responded to the immediate needs of their communities, creating new partnerships and opportunities to address some of those needs. What emerges is a tapestry of worldviews and localized approaches that come into dialogue with one another, creating a support network from Bolivia to Mongolia.

The seeds planted in this program are rooting, and in the stories presented in the booklet, we can see how they grow and enrich the dialogue between organizations working towards gender justice across the globe.