TEAD’s Training for the Trainers Programme

The TEAD Project started the preparation of the very important component –  a Training for the Trainers programme. The overall objective of TEAD  is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of energy audits for all end users, including industries and SMEs, conducted by locally trained energy auditors of Ukraine, and to make sure women are equally involved and trained in this process. These energy audits will then be used by technical designers for the successful implementation of EE programmes in the areas of residential and public buildings as well as in industries and SMEs.

The TEAD project provides an important addition to other currently running projects, as legislation in Ukraine is changing and in the near future those rules and procedures for the preparation and attestation of energy auditors that are in force today will definitely change. Our project therefore lays the foundation for the formation of a mechanism for the certification, attestation, and qualification of energy auditors and technical designers.

The main goal of our project is to deploy a sustainable training program for the preparation of energy auditors and technical designers. This year, we plan to develop three training programmes for energy audits for buildings, industries, and technical designers), train trainers, and then work with these trainers to conduct pilot trainings and following this, roll out a training programme throughout 2023. We also plan to provide an internship (study tour) in one of the EU countries for the selected trainers.

An important objective within this programme is the creation of a regional network for energy auditors and the enhancement of women’s role when it comes to energy auditing and to establish partnerships with local authorities, professional associations, NGOs and women’s organisations. Therefore, we will also provide assistance to women energy auditors to act as career ambassadors for women in the energy sector, and support advocacy and outreach towards employers, local and central authorities, universities and other stakeholders to promote the inclusion of women in the energy audit sector.

In order to achieve the ambitious goals the project has set, TEAD, together with MinReg (Ministry for Communities and Territorial Development of Ukraine) has made initial contact with more than 45 educational institutions all over Ukraine with the invitation to join our project training programme. And we are proud to have received positive feedback on the invitation we send out.