Support our partners in Ukraine with a donation

The Russian aggression against Ukraine has shocked the entire world. Millions of refugees are estimated to cross the Ukrainian border. And many more people will be left behind in terrifying circumstances. 

WECF stands with Ukraine, a country where we have been working for over 25 years with civil society partners for peaceful and sustainable development.

WECF and partners work in Ukraine on gender- and socially just renewable energy solutions with local communities that reduce poverty, create decent jobs, promote democracy and gender equality.

We have daily check-in with some of our partners and they have sent us lists of emergency support items and materials that they are urgently in need of (medicine and medical supplies, food, sleeping bags, etc.).

Therefore we are setting up a safe logistic for financial donations towards Romania, where some of our Ukrainian partners have found shelter and are organizing the purchase and transport of supplies towards Ukraine.


(Please clearly indicate the donation is meant for UKRAINE)

Local initiatives

If you are not able to transfer any money, you can support the people in Ukraine in many other ways. WECF staff is supporting local initiatives all over Europe in the collection of emergency goods and items, food, medicine, organized by Ukrainian citizens residing here. Lists are available on the internet to find your local initiative.

One of the initiatives is led from Munich together with our partner Ecoclub. You can find the link to donate and help here: 

WECF partners in Ukraine

Check here the websites of some of our partners in Ukraine that we have been working both now and in the past and see the work they have been doing in peace time:

Black Sea Women’s Club

All help and support is appreciated.