“Stories & Solutions” – WECF at this year’s Afrikadag on Climate Justice

This year’s Afrikadag Online, organised by Foundation Max van der Stoel, featured several inspiring online events around the topic of climate justice. Read more about WECF’s conversation with our partner ARUWE and our contributions to the “Climate Justice: African perspectives & EU policies” launch event and study!

WECF X ARUWE – Why Gender Matters for Climate Justice

On Monday, the week kicked off with a conversation between WECF and our partner Action for Rural Women’s Empowerment (ARUWE). WECF’s Sanne Van de Voort spoke to ARUWE’s Executive Director Agnes Mirembe about her work and the importance of gender-just climate solutions – both at the local level in Uganda and at the global level during climate negotiations.

Agnes shared: “We are empowering women through trainings in ecological practices, to maximize available land and increase production. We support communities to challenge the male-dominancy, to enhance women’s access, ownership, and effective utilization of land and the other natural resources, for example the forest.”

Missed it? No worries, you can still listen back to the full interview on our Facebook Page by clicking this link.

FMS X FEPS – “Climate justice: African perspectives & EU policies”

On Thursday, Foundation Max van der Stoel (FMS) together with The Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) presented a new study: “Climate justice: African perspectives & EU policies,” by Anne van der Meer.

“The study not only shows the severe impact of climate change on the African continent but also discusses the role of the EU in its climate policies that impact Africa directly,” Foundation Max van der Stoel shares. “It implores the EU to prioritise African voices and to model its policies after its promises.”

As one of the events’ speakers Mishy Singano (head of programmes FEMNET Kenya) effectively put it, “climate change has been brought to the continent.” Africa bears the brunt of the climate crisis, whilst contributing the least to the issue. Therefore it is imperative that the voices of Africans are heard.

Stories & Solutions – A Passionate Speech by Kirsten Meijer

The launch event live from The Hague featured several panelists, including WECF NL Director and FMS Vice Chair Kirsten Meijer. Kirsten reflected on the need for this type of research that focusses both on stories and solutions. According to Kirsten, “by telling the stories behind the numbers, we can support the evidence that is out there.” WECF provided input to the study, including a case study on a sustainable energy project in Uganda by ARUWE. However, stories are not enough; we need solutions. “Not only the solutions that work for the happy few,” Kirsten stresses, but solutions that “leave no one behind.”

Read the full report and (re)watch the launch event to hear from more excellent panelists