Solar Aid for Ukrainian hospitals campaign raised 2000 euros

Our Ukrainian partner Ecoclub Rivne, who is working towards increasing energy security, reducing greenhouse emissions, and eradicating fuel poverty in Ukraine for more than 20 years, helps communities across the country making the energy transition.  Last year, together with the Solar Energy Association of Ukraine, they launched a comprehensive project. Solar energy association of Ukraine is the largest specialized association of the solar industry in Ukraine, which promotes the development and popularization of solar energy in Ukraine.  

In December and January we successfully raised 2000 euros in donations for the project Solar Aim, which aims to provide solar panels to hospitals in Ukraine. We organised a campaign to promote the initiative helping our Ukrainian colleagues to find sponsors abroad. The campaign received support, with people from all over the world donating to the cause. The donations ranged from small contributions to large sums, and every little bit helped towards reaching the target of 2000 euros. 

The donations have made a meaningful impact on the project. In December 2022, Ecoclub installed the first solar power plant on the roof of the city hospital in Zviahel, located in the Zhytomyr Oblast. Funds for the installation of the SPP – 840 thousand hryvnias (nearly 21 thousand EUR) were received from all over the world. In just the first month of operation, the plant generated an astounding 800 kWh of electricity. This amount of energy is enough to power one machine for artificial lung ventilation for a month of continuous operation.


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The ongoing War of Russia against Ukraine has undoubtedly contributed to the financial, energetic crisis and shortage of resources that many hospitals in Ukraine are currently facing. The medical sphere has been forced to operate with limited resources, including electricity, which has a direct impact not only on patient care but also on the possibility of saving human lives. In the heartbreaking reality, so many civilians suffer from the bombing, and soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who got fatal injuries on the front line, need medical help as never before. As well as so many people have serious emergencies of heart disease, which are getting worse because of the massive stress, the same can say about people with oncological diseases, which need immediate surgery.  

The use of diesel generators as a backup source of energy is not always a feasible option, as it can be costly, and the supply of fuel can be disrupted in times of military action. In return, installing solar panels in hospitals can provide a reliable and sustainable source of energy, ensuring that hospitals can continue to operate during power outages and avoid potentially dangerous situations for patients. Additionally, the installation of solar panels can help hospitals reduce their energy costs, enabling them to redirect resources to improving patient care, purchasing critical equipment, and hiring more medical staff. 

In conclusion, the need for energy independence through solar panels in Ukrainian hospitals is crucial, especially during times of war. It can provide a practical solution to the energy crisis and enable hospitals to continue providing essential medical services to patients, even in the face of ongoing military political, and economic challenges that are caused by war. 

The project is raising more funds to install four more solar systems in the hospitals of the different cities of Ukraine – Korosten Central City Hospital, Myrhorod Intensive Care Hospital, Kodyma Hospital, and Voznesensk multi-field Hospital.  If you are interested in making a difference and contributing to this initiative, we kindly ask for your donation to help fund the installation of solar panels in hospitals across Ukraine. Every donation, can make a significant impact and help save lives. Thank you for your generosity and support! 

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