Recap Ticket to the Future: Make Rich Polluters Pay!

Photo credits cover photo: Eric de Mildt

Between the 10th and the 15th of October, WECF travelled from Paris to Barcelona with a delegation of young climate activists. Over 130 young activists from over 30 countries came together in Barcelona at the Fixing the Future festival. During the two-day train ride, participants discussed climate justice, ecofeminism, and the campaign #MakeRichPollutersPay in various workshops. “Those who contribute the least to the climate crisis, like women and girls, bear the heaviest burden from its consequences. It’s time for the polluter to pay.”

Activists Raki Ap, working with the FreeWestPapua Campaign, and Hilda Nabukaye, actively opposing the construction of the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP), shared their stories with fellow activists on the train about the biggest polluters. They conveyed a clear message: there is an urgent need for fresh and powerful narratives that emphasise the importance of indigenous perspectives.

Photo credits: Eric de Mildt

Stories that unite

After arriving in Barcelona, various workshops started again early the following morning. WECF’s participants contributed to “Ecofeminist proposals for reimagining the city” and they learned more about international decision-making processes, like at the Conference of Parties (COP). The Fixing the Future festival, organised by Atlas for the Future and Oxfam Intermon, took place on Saturday and Sunday with all our participants there. 

How did the WECF delegation experience Ticket to the Future? 

Activist Camille recalls:

The Fixing the Future festival primarily focused on technical and creative solutions to the climate crisis, offering an opportunity to connect with speakers and other activists from around the world. Nevertheless, by seeking solutions that fit within our current systems, we do not challenge these systems. We need to address the underlying causes of existing inequalities. The conversations at the Fixing the Future festival and with the WECF delegation created a space for deeper reflection and thinking about our role in this matter.  

And activist Marta says: 

Ticket to the Future was an inspirational trip that truly shed light on the potential of embracing diversity within the climate movement. Together, we presented a broad variety of perspectives, which led to dynamic conversations about climate justice. It has become abundantly clear to me that we need to continue listening to the voices of those who are disproportionately affected by the climate crisis and create more opportunities for them to spread their stories.