Pushing forward into a green future – with the EEB

Three to four times a year, the full board of the EEB (European Environmental Bureau), consisting of a broad number of national and European network representatives, meets to come a step closer to its mission to influence EU policymaking and the implementation & assessment of its agreed policies – and therefore also move forward our own WECF mission for a sustainable environment. As part of the board, Anke Stock, our Senior Specialist for Gender and Rights, participated in the latest meeting on June 10-11.

In this very meeting Jeremy Wates, the secretary general of EEB, presented the activities achieved over the past months. Apart from being active during the EU elections and prior to the Sibiu summit by running campaigns and participating in political events, EEB could achieve several successes:

  • push against the water industry and implemented the “protect water” campaign
  • secure of further funds.

Within the political discussion on the follow-up of the EU elections, opportunities with the new EU Commission, e.g. through the re-raise of the Greens, were identified. Just now, the EEB took it up with the Green 10 on June 24-26 (see the Ten Green Tests and the memorandum to Finland) and will also participate at the Green 10 Event happening on September 26 in the EU parliament.

Also, the Board was pleased to have met with the new Finnish minister of environment, Krista Mikkonen, where we submitted calls regarding a better chemicals policy, in particular relating to the drafting of the new 8th EAP (Environment Action Program) and the possible development of a non-toxic environmental strategy.

Please note the dates for the annual general meeting in November (17-20), which will take place in Berlin and is mainly organized by the Deutscher Naturschutzring.

As EEB is keen on further increasing its size and is in need of more resources, the Board calls for people, like you, to become a member in order to help coming a step closer to the EEB’s and to our mission. If you are interested, feel free to contact Anke Stock (anke.stock@wecf.org) or check it out online (https://eeb.org/membership/join/).