Overview of WECFs Pre-COP27 events in the Netherlands for young ecofeminists

As part of our capacity and movement building work, we attend, contribute and organize events together with our partners. This is not only important to stay connected with our network, share ideas and strengthen the movement, but also to reach new groups with our intersectional ecofeminist action. Here we would like to give a short overview of a few activities we contributed to in October.

For example, During the annual event for youth, “Je bent jong en je wil wat”, organized by the National Youth Council on October 13th, we officially launched the Toolkit climate justice for youth. This toolkit was created for young people that worry about climate change and want to learn and do more about climate justice and to give young people tools to take action. Specifically, with COP27 in mind and how young people can contribute to redress climate injustice and keep their governments accountable. During the event we spoke to many young people in this group who were eager to learn more about climate justice and ecofeminism.

Furthermore, at the Partos Innovation Festival on October 14, we shared our vision for climate justice: climate justice should be feminist, and work towards true system change. It should address the systems of inequality that have led to the current climate crisis and let the solutions and voices of those most affected be front and center. In the session, participants from both activist and NGO backgrounds exchanged ideas about ways to collaborate, strengthen the movement and learn from each other. WECF Partner Titi Soentoro from Aksi! Indonesia also shared her visions for climate justice, the core of it being western countries taking their historic responsibility in the climate crisis and addressing inequalities by for example ending debt. And that as civil society in the Netherlands we should push our governments to share the demands of our Southern allies and partners.

Finally, we also contributed to the organisation of the Pre-cop event on the 19th of October. This initiative was led by ActionAid in collaboration with Both ENDS, CARE, Jonge Klimaatbeweging and Oxfam. During this event, civil society, climate activists, politicians, and policy makers engaged in discussion regarding the topics of mitigation, adaptation, and loss and damages. During the first half of the program, we led one of the table discussions which was focused on Mitigation. Afterwhich, during the second half of the evening, the conclusions from all table discussions were shared with the Dutch delegation that would represent the Netherlands in the climate negotiations at COP27.

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