Global Gender Environment Outlook


UNEP, together with report partners including WECF and Global Forest Coalition (GFC) today launched a new and pivotal report, “GGEO – Global Gender Environment Outlook”. The report calls for all environmental policies to be gender sensitive, and for a new understanding about the role of women as agents of change.

Sascha Gabizon, executive director of WECF. “This report shows UNEA-2 needs to break the mould, fully recognising that there are gender aspects to every environmental issue, and seeking to involve women—at all levels—in seeking real solutions.”

WECF and GFC applaud UNEP’s new emphasis on the vital importance of addressing gender concerns across the full range of environmental issues, including forest conservation and restoration, and climate change. Women’s traditional knowledge and responsibilities as stewards of nature mean they are well positioned to contribute to community conservation across the world, and to enhancing the resilience of their livelihoods in response to changing environmental realities, such as climate change.

The first UNEP Global Gender and Environment Outlook (GGEO)  is the first comprehensive global assessment of the gender and environment nexus. It also includes information on the specific link between gender and chemicals/pesticides. NGO colleagues that contributed to the GGEO are, among others: Meriel Watts (PANAP), Yuyun Ismawati (Balifokus), and Sascha Gabizon, Claudia Wendland, Alexandra Caterbow and Sabine Bock from WECF.