LevelUp2024: We’re on a mission to empower young people across Europe!

On April 12-13, the platform organisation European Youth Forum joined forces with the European Commission and the European Parliament, along with over 100 youth organisations and National Youth Councils, to put on a two-day event as part of the European Youth Week. Our own Yasia Kovalenko took part in this meeting. 

This year’s event was all about diversity. Over 1,300 young Europeans from across the EU, Ukraine, Moldova and the Caucasus region came together to improve their professional and personal skills. They took part in workshops and shared their unique experiences while learning more about activism and democratic engagement.
During the event, speakers and attendees explored a range of topics.

We also discussed the importance of representing the interests of minorities during the EU elections, combating disinformation and boosting critical thinking, and improving your skills at identifying your target audience on social media for successful advocacy. We also learned how to successfully advocate for climate action and promote active participation of young people in EU elections and use their voices actively.

It’s important to remember that events like LevelUp2024 aren’t just about learning new things. They’re also about making a difference and motivating young people to take action. They show society and young people that they can change the world for the better and bring new perspectives to their local regions. By supporting events like this, we’re investing in a brighter future where everyone’s voice matters, and our planet is safe for generations to come. Let’s keep listening to the voices of young activists and work together to build a world we can all be proud of!