Large humanitarian aid package delivered to residents of Bashtanka, Mykolaiv Oblast, Ukraine

Text: Julie Ostapjukova

Despite delays due to transportation issues, we are pleased to report that a large humanitarian aid package containing a variety of dry proteine foods was delivered to the residents of Bashtanka in the Mykolaiv Oblast.

The nature of the meals is especially helpful given the community’s lack of access to electricity and, by extension, cooking. This accomplishment was made possible through WECF’s cooperation with 1% for the Planet affiliated company Nurture Brands, a food company with a strong reputation for upholding sustainable ethical ideals.

The region is now most recognized for its role in the destruction of a Russian military convoy in early March, following days of incessant bombing and shelling of civilian infrastructure.

In the photographs, provided to us by our partner Ecoclub, who took care of the logistics, residents of Bashtanka can be seen receiving the food packages.

It is moments like these that your donations give rise to. WECF is thankful for your continuous support!