Indoor air pollution related health challenges for Georgia

An interim study of indoor air pollution in kindergartens 

Research by WECF Georgia and NCDC shows high levels of indoor air pollution in Georgian kindergartens. A small study by our office in Georgia and the NCDC in kindergartens in Georgia found that children and their caregivers are exposed to elevated levels of particulate matter (PM) , with Georgia having one of the highest mortality rates from indoor air pollution (3.8%) in the PAN European region.

The leading cause of high indoor pollution levels is the use of inefficient wood-burning stoves, on which nearly half of all kindergartens in Georgia still rely. In this study, kindergartens that use wood as their main source of heating have on average 2.4 times higher PM levels than those depending on central heating and natural gas.


This report has been financed by the Europe Foundation (EF) through grants provided by the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA)