How to protect yourself, your baby and your family against harmful chemicals

The brochure “I am pregnant – How to protect yourself, your baby and your family against harmful chemicals”, initially developed for German consumers and health care workers, has now also been translated into English.

During your pregnancy and in the early stages of life, you and your baby are extremely vulnerable to external factors such as hazardous chemicals.It is widely known that alcohol, cigarettes and specific foods should be avoided. Less well known is the fact that chemicals contained in food, food packaging, cosmetics, cleaning agents or textiles, for example, can also be harmful to our health.

This leaflet aims to give you and your family tips on how to reduce your contact with these harmful chemicals. Until effective regulation is in place, consumers unfortunately must act themselves to  avoid products which might contain hazardous substances.

The brochure “I am pregnant” is not only interesting for pregnant women and young families, but also for people working with pregnant women and young families such as midwives, gynaecologists, birth centres, maternity clinics, health authorities and day care centres.

The original German brochure can be found here.