Tuesday next week is the first day of the High Level Political Forum! It is held annually at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Every year it focuses on different themes and SDGs. The theme this year is “Empowering people and ensuring inclusiveness and equality” and we will be reviewing SDG 4, 8, 10, 13 & 16 – yes many of the social justice SDGs! So we thought it would be a great opportunity to amplify our #HerstoryOfChange. You can join in by either sharing the stories & photos below, or by taking a selfie and add your own story. You can post them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, just remember to add the three hashtags below.


You can post on Facebook and Instagram throughout HLPF (8-19 July), or join our Twitterstorm on Monday, 8 July at 11:00 EST (17:00 CEST).




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Safarbi Davalatova

English tweet – “I believe very much that it is possible to achieve gender equality. Gender equality is not just our right, but also an important condition for a more prosperous, sustainable and peaceful Tajikistan, and the world as a whole.” https://www.women2030.org/safarbi-davlatova #HerstoryOfChange #HLPF2019

Spanish tweet – “Creo que es posible lograr la igualdad de género. No es solo nuestro derecho sino que también es importante para que Tayikistán y el mundo entero sean más prósperos, sostenibles y pacifico” https://www.women2030.org/safarbi-davlatova/#es #HerstoryOfChange #HLPF2019

Patience Alinaitwe

English tweet – Patience works with children with special needs, and says: “Women are powerful agents of change and empowering them is one of the solutions to the problems of inequality, subordination and the marginalisation that women face.” https://www.women2030.org/patience-alinaitwe #HerstoryOfChange #HLPF2019

Spanish tweet – Patience trabaja con niños con necesidades especiales: “Las mujeres somos agentes de cambio y empoderarnos es una de las soluciones a los problemas de desigualdad, subordinación y marginalización” https://www.women2030.org/patience-alinaitwe/#es #HerstoryOfChange #HLPF2019

Teodolina Villalba

English tweet – Teodolina works for the Federación Nacional Campesina in Paraguay: “We advocate for a national economy and industry that is based on the interests of the Paraguayan people as a whole, in defence of life, health and our future.” https://www.women2030.org/teodolina-villalba/ #HerstoryOfChange #HLPF2019

Spanish tweet – Teodolina trabaja en la Federación Nacional Campesina, Paraguay: “Abogamos por una economía e industria nacional basada de los intereses del conjunto del pueblo paraguayo, en la defensa de la vida, la salud y nuestro futuro” https://www.women2030.org/teodolina-villalba/#es #HerstoryOfChange #HLPF2019

Damilola Adeoye

English tweet – Damilola Adeoye works to make schools in Nigeria safe and clean, to support women small-scale farmers, and to empower women to be financially self-supporting and participate in decision-making. We’re proud to share #HerstoryOfChange: https://www.women2030.org/damilola-adeoye/#HLPF2019

Spanish tweet – Damilola Adeoye trabaja para hacer las escuelas en Nigeria más seguras y limpias, apoya a mujeres agricultoras de pequeña escala y empodera a mujeres. Estamos orgullosas de compartir su historia de cambio que puedes leer aqui http://bit.ly/2XjiGwd #HerstoryOfChange #HLPF2019

Naiyan Kiplagat

English tweet – “We encounter daily the challenge of patriarchy that denies women the right to participate in decision-making. As indigenous women we face double marginalisation.” Advocating for gender equality gives Naiyan Kiplagat the strength to continue! https://www.women2030.org/naiyan-kiplagat/ #HerstoryOfChange #HLPF2019

Spanish tweet – “Nos enfrentamos a diario al patriarcado y como mujeres indígenas, ademas sufrimos una doble marginalización”. Abogar por la igualdad de género es lo que a Naiyan Kiplagat fuerza para continuar. https://www.women2030.org/naiyan-kiplagat/#es #HerstoryOfChange #HLPF2019

Jennifer Amejja

English tweet – “We are building the capacity of rural communities & women to strengthen their ability to exercise their rights over land & food, and to protect their ecosystems against the impacts of extractive industries & large plantations.” https://www.women2030.org/jennifer-amejja/ #HerstoryOfChange #HLPF2019

Spanish tweet – Trabajamos capacitando a mujeres y comunidades rurales para ejercer sus derechos sobre la tierra y la comida, y proteger sus ecosistemas de los impactos de las industrias extractivas y las gandres plantaciones” https://www.women2030.org/jennifer-amejja/#es #HerstoryOfChange #HLPF2019

Jamila Idbourrous

English tweet – Discrimination against women in Morocco severely impacts women’s economic & social autonomy. But Jamila Adbourrous is overcoming these challenges through awareness-raising, training and capacity-building for women’s cooperatives https://www.women2030.org/jamila-idbourrous/ #HerstoryOfChange #HLPF2019

Spanish tweet – En Marruecos, la discriminación contra las mujeres afecta a su autonomía económica y social. Jamila Abdourrous está superando estos retos con campañas de sensibilización, formación y capacitación en las cooperativas de mujeres https://www.women2030.org/jamila-idbourrous/#es #HerstoryOfChange #HLPF2019

Margaret Nguratiang

English tweet – “We work in a society that has long discriminated against women. Changing cultural practices & behaviour takes time. To keep us going we focus on the goal of indigenous women’s empowerment & on the women that inspire us daily!” https://www.women2030.org/margaret-nguratiang #HerstoryOfChange #HLPF2019

Spanish tweet – “Trabajamos en una sociedad que durante mucho tiempo ha discriminado a la mujer. Cambiar las prácticas culturales y el comportamiento lleva tiempo y para superar estos retos nos centramos en el objetivo de empoderar a mujeres” https://www.women2030.org/margaret-nguratiang/#es #HerstoryOfChange #HLPF2019

Ndivile Mokoena

English tweet – Ndivile Mokoena works to overcome patriarchy in South Africa by advocating for community well-being and gender equality, working with small-scale, subsistence women farmers and training local communities to start food gardens. https://www.women2030.org/ndivile-mokoena/ #HerstoryOfChange #HLPF2019

Spanish tweet – Ndivile Mokoena trabaja en Sudáfrica abogando por la igualdad de género y el bienestar de la comunidad con agricultoras de pequeña escala y subsistencia y capacitando a comunidades locales para que puedan poner huertos. https://www.women2030.org/ndivile-mokoena/#es #HerstoryOfChange #HLPF2019

Juana Quispe Alanoca

English tweet – Juana works to strengthen women’s indigenous peasant organisations to build a democratic, autonomous and intercultural Bolivia that is economically and environmentally sustainable and diverse https://www.women2030.org/juana-quispe-alanoca/ #HerstoryOfChange #HLPF2019

Spanish tweet – Juana trabaja con organizaciones de mujeres de pueblos indígenas y campesinos para construir una Bolivia democrática, autonómica, unitaria en su diversidad intercultural, equitativa y sostenible económica y ambientalmente. https://www.women2030.org/juana-quispe-alanoca/#es #HerstoryOfChange #HLPF2019

Liliana Marcela Rueda

English tweet – Liliana’s work unites gender equality, food sovereignty and biodiversity conservation, to protect her community from the challenges they face. Read #HerstoryOfChange to find out how women in Colombia are getting organised! https://www.women2030.org/liliana-marcela-rueda/ #HerstoryOfChange #HLPF2019

Spanish tweet – El trabajo de Liliana une igualdad de género, soberanía alimentaria y conservación de la biodiversidad y así protege su comunidad de los retos a los que se enfrentan. Lee su historia y cómo se organizan las mujeres en Colombia. https://www.women2030.org/liliana-marcela-rueda/#es #HerstoryOfChange #HLPF2019

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