Greenpeace EU director pushes for “Friends of the bees”

Discussions to ban Neonicotinoids (insecticides) have been going on for a year at the European Commission, considering the threat they pose to bees and other major pollinators. Yet, the vote on the proposal keeps on getting delayed.

In light of the absence of concrete steps and efforts taken by the European Commission towards banning three Neonicotinoids for good, the director of the Greenpeace European Unit has decided to take matters into his own hand. In a letter addressed to the President of the European Commission, Director Riss spoke on the behalf of Greenpeace and many other environmental organisations including us.

So far, excuses to wait on discussing the ban proposal involved waiting for a new EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) evaluation of the science. Not surprisingly, the new evaluation has since been published and confirms and acknowledges the risk posed by the three neonicotinoid insecticides in question.

There is thus no more reason to wait. Director Riss of Greenpeace thus urges the President of the European Commission to take action and to put the proposals to vote, demonstrating his “Friend of the Bees” behaviour he once declared to embody.