First action against algae overgrowth in the Blue Lake in Ukraine

Under the banner of “Let’s bring life back to the Blue Lake”, inhabitants of the Dnipropetrovs’ka region in Ukraine are using a rather interesting way to counteract algae overgrowth in their bathing and recreation lake. The action was initiated by the local NGO and our partner, Voice of Nature.

By releasing 263kg (1500-1600) of young fish, small carp and silver carp in the water, the people hope that the overgrowth of algae will slow down and reverse. This is a method of bio-land reclamation, which would be particularly useful as these types of fish cannot naturally reproduce in Ukranian ecosystems.

The ecological state of the Blue Lake was becoming very worrisome. There is violent overgrowth by algae of the bottom of the lake, a decrease in water level, the disappearance of fauna, and the silting of springs that are connected to the lake. Yevheniy Kolishevs’kyj, executive director of Voice of Nature said “We’ve made a successful first step, yet the job around saving the Blue Lake is only starting. We propose that all caring people should become part of the campaign.”