#FeministsWantSystemChange at COP25

We are in Madrid for COP25! This outreach plan aims to guide the Women & Gender Constituency (WGC) members’ outreach during the climate negotiations 2019, focusing on making a connection between the civil society actions in Santiago and Madrid. The aim of our campaigning is to ensure that decision-makers hear us loud and clear, to amplify our feminist demands from our position paper that represents the collective voice of our membership.


The Women and Gender Constituency hosts an ‘advocacy list’ which is open to members of civil society who would like to engage in developing positions on all aspects of international climate policy. To join this list, you have to complete this form, including the Advocacy List agreed principles and guidelines. There is also a “general list” where allies, e.g. from UN agencies and member states, can follow our latest activities. On the general list we share finalised positions, events and invitations to solidarity actions. You join it by filling in the embedded form on our website.


We have Whatsapp group for COP25 for quick and urgent communication on logistics, interventions or if you want to express e.g. feelings about the ongoing negotiations. It is a safe space for communication, that means that if you want to engage in these groups you have to use a supportive, friendly and constructive tone; please attack the problem, not the person. It is not a space for spamming or personal messages, bilateral discussions should be conducted individually, and not via the group, in order to be respectful of the 100+ people who are on the Whatsapp group. After COP25 we will close the group. To ensure that this is a functioning space, in accordance with the values and principles of the WGC, the admins reserve the right to remove any participants from the group that do not adhere to our rules of engagement.


We have drafted some sample tweets based on our key demands that you are free to use. We also encourage you to add your own messages as well as translating these into your own language.


Below are our main hashtags for COP25. Remember to always use #FeministsWantSystemChange and the main COP25 hashtag in all your messaging, so that we can more easily find your posts and amplify them.

  • #FeministsWantSystemChange – We believe that we must fight discriminatory intersecting structures of inequality. To achieve these we need to have a “system change” of society, e.g. move the money from military to social welfare, degrowth instead of growth etc (redistributive justice). This hashtag is linked to the bigger women’s rights and gender equality agenda, Beijing Platform for Action.
  • #WomenClimateJustice – WGC provides a space for women and non-binary persons to raise their voices on issues of women’s rights, gender equality within the UNFCCC policy framework. Get our member’s latest updates by following this hashtag.
  • #OurSolutions – This campaign is tied to the gender just climate solutions award and it highlights the work women already do to challenge and transform gender roles and fight climate change.
  • #StopTheWorld – We are endorsing the call for a Women’s Global Strike (#WomensGlobalStrike) on 8 March 2020, and we will amplify this campaign during HLPF, as it ties in very well with all the SDGs under review. There will be a sign which you can take photos with, and post on social media together with why, according to you, the world stops if women stop. When recording a video please use the following format: “My name is ABC. I am from XYZ country. I am striking on 8th March 2020 because …”

Other campaigns

These campaigns aren’t necessarily by our membership, but could be a good to check them up

UNFCCCs hashtags Misc Solidarity with Chile
#COP25 #NoMoreCoal #HowDareYou #FemGND #CumbreSocial
#COP25madrid #feministfossilfuelfreefuture #ClimateStrike #GreenNewDeal #AcciónClimática
#COP25chile #climateresisters #GlobalStrike #EuropeanGreenNewDeal #COP25Paralela.
#ActOnTheGap #Climatejustice #ClimateEmergency #EnergyJustice #CumbreDelClima
#TimeForAction #endcoal #ClimateChaos #JustTransition
#notwithoutus #WeWillRise #ActNow
#movethemoney #GlobalClimateStrike #ClimateEmergency

Twitter list

We have set up a twitter list with our members! Keep yourself up-to-date on our member’s fierce ecofeminist analysis of the climate negotiations and climate action. Hear our roar,  climate justice for all! Follow them here!



There are several platforms with professional photos. UNFCCC has a flickr, where you are allowed to use the photos as long as you credit the photographer. IISD’s photos of the forum are also available to recirculate, as long as you credit them: “Photos by IISD/ENB | Kiara Worth”. Annabelle Avril is joining us as well, and the link to her photos of the Women & Gender Constituency will be shared later, you are free to use them as long as you always credit them “Photos by Annabelle Avril / WECF”.


You apply for actions inside the COP25 venue here. Please note make sure that you have also read the “Guidelines for the participation of representatives of non-governmental organizations”. You need to apply for an action at least 24 hours before you want to hold it.

Press releases & conferences

Submit your press release to the UNFCCC secretariat by sending an email with the direct online link to the document (so you must first publish it on your website) to this address: releases-COP@unfccc.int. All submitted press releases are published here: unfccc.int/cop25-submitted-releases

The schedule for the press conferences can be found here. To request a press conference, you need to fill in this form and send it to pressconf@unfccc.int. All live streams of plenary events and press conferences can be found here.

Strategic events

We encourage you to share info about your work, events and analysis in your communication. In addition, it might be a good idea to keep an eye on what media is reporting on and what is happening outside the “UN bubble”:

Solidarity with Chile

Solidarity with the People’s Summit in Madrid

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