Feminist Response to COVID-19: Monitoring & Advocacy Toolkit

In early 2020, more than 400 feminist organisations and activists from 74 countries – including WECF International – came together to form a loose, nonhierarchical and nonstructural collective called Feminist Response to COVID-19. In May the same year, we launched what we call the “Feminist Response to COVID-19 Principles”, which outline the key considerations that every COVID-19 response must take into account to make sure it works for everyone, everywhere. 

This toolkit translates these “Principles” into guidance and evidence-based recommendations for advocacy and policy making. In the first part, it encourages us to ‘Observe & Reflect’ on the feminist response that has emerged across the globe. In the second part, it outlines concrete steps for ‘Plan & Action’, to guide policymakers towards a more just and equitable recovery.

Read and download the toolkit here.