Empower Kyrgyz women in using green technologies

Active Kyrgyz women are building a sustainable and eco-friendly resource centre as little actions can make great things happening. Take part in these changes!

Who are the beneficiaries ?
An-Oston is a small village, home of about 300 families, located in a remote area in Kyrgyzstan. Living conditions for the people in An-Oston who are mainly dependent on agriculture, are harsh, due to severe winters and a high unemployment rate. To avoid a rural exodus women have been looking for new activities to make their lives better.

Gulai and other women from the village are committed to improve livelihood of the families but they believe this is only possible while also protecting the environment. They came up with a smart idea: introducing ecological and sustainable technologies as a long term solution for future generations.

Because we at WECF believe this action is terrific, efficient and feasible, we are launching a crowdfunding campaign on Ulule to make this project possible. If you have the same conviction, look at what follows, join the cause and support the women from An Oston!

Two years ago the villagers of Oston didn’t even have water in their house. Thanks to their determination and with our (us and our local partner, KAWS) support, they initiated the rehabilitation of the water supply system. Today about 220 households have access to affordable drinking water. But the villagers want to go further and already have a new project. They want to build a resource-center as a mini technological demonstration center.

Above all, it’s their project and they’ve already worked a lot to involve local contractors and all the community. This is done. Now they need your contribution to shape it. With your support you can participate in local solutions and happiness.

Supporting the construction of a resource centre, what does it mean?

  • You’re supporting the villagers for the rehabilitation of a place meant to inform and educate people about the natural resources in their area and how to protect it, to connect people for sharing about what they can do together.
  • You’re supporting the implementation of green technologies (ecosan toilet / solar collector / food dryer ) with hands-on demonstration, giving new opportunities for the community, especially for women.
  • You can contribute to this by giving these women a chance, women who are determined to make these changes happen, by distributing their knowledge to other villages and further. We still have time for an ecological transition, but timing is critical.

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Give the chance to people who are determined to make those changes happen !

Please take a look at our campaign, leave a donation and spread the word via Facebook, Twitter and Email!

For any questions, please contact our Karine Peyrard (karine.peyrard@wecf.eu) who administrates this crowdfunding campaign.

Thank you very much!