Delivering a toxic-free environment under REACH – 8 key NGO demands

The EEB (European Environmental Bureau) and 20 health and environmental NGOs, including WECF, provide eight key demands to improve the REACH Regulation – one of the main chemicals regulations.

April 2022

“The European Green Deal offers a unique opportunity for a future where the EU achieves a Zero-Pollution Ambition. The commitment of the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS) to transition to safe and sustainable chemicals and products and achieve a toxic-free environment in the EU must be achieved through urgent regulatory action.

The revision of one of the main chemicals regulations, REACH, is our chance to update the existing regulatory framework and adapt it to the current and emerging challenges prompted by the serious environmental and health impacts caused by the continuous exposure to a mix of toxic industrial chemicals.

With this paper, the EEB and 20 health and environmental NGOs provide a position on key priorities and recommendations in the context of the REACH revision.1 This revision must focus on accelerating, simplifying, and making regulatory processes for chemicals of concern less burdensome for the authorities.

In order to achieve the toxic-free environment vision, we demand to keep the revision up to the same level of ambition expressed in the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability: speeding up the phase-out of the most hazardous chemicals and transitioning to safe and sustainable chemicals and products.

To protect the environment and meaningfully contribute to the health of citizens and future generations, the REACH revision must focus on the following 8 priorities:”

To read the full 8 key priorities and recommendations, Click here.


1) REACH Regulation No 1907/2006, accessible at[1]content/EN/TXT/PDF/?uri=CELEX:32006R1907&from=en