“Decolonizing our mindset, rebuilding our trust” – opinion piece by Gina Cortés Valderrama

Decolonizing our mindset, rebuilding our trust – A matter of political will

Opinion piece by Gina Cortés Valderrama, project manager for WECF and member of Aluna Minga

Given the alarming climate crisis, factors such as the degradation of ecosystems, increasing inequality, and the lack of coherence between the discourse and timely implementation of actions by governments have fuelled a sense of distrust and discontent among citizens of all ages. New generations are growing up with psychological distress as they live in permanent fear of an expected threat in the future.

In the last years, marches led by youth, women, Indigenous and BIPOC communities around the world have united citizens to demand ambitious commitments and solutions for a more sustainable and just future. As an example, since 2019 – even amid the pandemic – Latin America has been the epicentre of massive protests and social outbursts, with participants claiming the right to a life of dignity and a safe, healthy and clean environment for all. In these marches, people show their dissatisfaction with governments and reclaim issues of climate, gender and social justice, while rejecting development models based on the destruction of natural resources, corruption and the exacerbation of violence. It is through a decolonial, intersectional and feminist approach that we can transform such structures and find an inclusive way to fight climate change and restore society’s trust in political leadership and institutions.

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